Best Binance Signals 2022-2023

The cryptocurrency market can be very tricky and is laden with so much uncertainty. One silly mistake can cause you your entire life savings. If you don’t know the right tools and strategies to deploy when trading the market, you may also lose money once the market goes south. One way to always stay ahead of your game is to use crypto signals like Binance Signals. The use of Binance trading signals is now very popular among today’s crypto traders, particularly among those looking to make a decent return from your investments.

Before the bull run of 2017, trading the crypto market was very simple and straightforward; all you needed to do is to simply purchase a cryptocurrency and lock it down for a specific period of time. The token will increase in value, which fetches you a return on your investment. However, with constant crypto crashes and the prices of major cryptocurrencies plummeting downwards, it has become very difficult to determine when to get in or leave the market in order not to sustain a loss.

The introduction of the crypto signals is a lucrative solution to the problem of volatility. With hundreds of crypto signals on the market it can be overwhelming for you to determine a reputable signal to work with, and that’s why we curated this article to share the top 4 Binance signals of all time. Before we share the top 4 Binance signals, let’s quickly explain what Binance signals are.

What Are Binance Signals?

Binance signals are cryptocurrency trade signals that you can follow to give you an edge over the market if you want to place a trade using the popular Binance exchange platform. In other words, Binance signals are trade instructions sent by market experts to traders or investors indicating when to trade the Binance Coin (BNB).

A typical Binance signal should contact the following information:

  • The price to buy the Binance Coin
  • The price to sell the coin to make profits.
  • The exact spot to place your take profit and stop loss orders.

 If you follow a genuine Binance signal, you are 100% certain of earning a decent return on your investment.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 4 Binance signals on the market.

Top 4 Binance Signals

#1. ALC by ALT Center

Top on the list is ALC by ALT Center. We recommend this signal provider if you are a beginner who is just starting out on the cryptocurrency market. ALC by ALT Center provides all the necessary information that you need to learn about the crypto market and level up your crypto trading game. If you are an experienced cryptocurrency trader, this signal provider has what it takes to provide a seamless trading experience so that you get value for your money. The Binance signals provided by ALC by ALT Center are 80% accurate with features showing when and how to set your stop loss and take profit. Additionally, this provider has a telegram group where you can join to receive free Binance signals. You can join the Telegram group via or These groups are regularly updated with the latest market trends.


  • one of the oldest crypto Trading channel
  • Very active channel
  • Signals with good stop loss
  • Good in scalping
  • Verified track record
  • Good customer support
  • Very accurate


  • Using the signal provider can be dangerous without a proper risk management plan.

#2. Binance Killers

Binance Killers is a known name as far as the cryptocurrency world is concerned. The company provides an average of one or two signals in a day. The overall average accuracy of the signal provided by Binance Killers has been pegged at 97%. They have a club of millionaires that they groom from their VIP members and are even ready to groom more millionaires amid the bear market.

Binance Killers not only offer binance trading signals for the average cryptocurrency trader to make a profit they also teach crypto traders how the cryptocurrency market works and how they can better manage their risks. They also have a user-friendly customer support that will hold you by the hands and walk you through any challenges that you may face in the course of engaging with their Binance signals.


  • Daily market analysis (for both free and VIP members)
  • Support team always available and ready to answer any question
  • High accuracy (Over 97%)
  • Team of only the highest performing traders.
  • Day trading scalps
  • Complete Technical Analysis with every trade
  • Constant trading signals (1-2 per day)
  • Short, Mid and Long term holds


  • Binance Killers doesn’t support any trading bots or software.

#3. Bitcoin Bullets

Bitcoin bullets is another signal provider that offers accurate Binance signals on a daily basis. Their team’s support and dedication coupled with one of the highest signal accuracies has stood them out as one of the most profitable and most active signal providers on the market, with easy-to-understand trading signals and updates. Bitcoin wallet currently provides about one or two signals per day. Their signals come with an accuracy level of over 95% (verified).


  • News available before general outlets
  • Daily scalping levels (VIP)
  • High accuracy (Over 95%)
  • Team of highly professional traders, analysts and investors
  • Short, Mid and Long-term trades
  • Daily market analysis (for both free and VIP members)


  • It can be risky to trade the market without a robust risk management plan.

#4. Wallet Street Queen Official

Wallet Street Queen Official is a signal provider that is operated by a reputable and recognised female market insider. Wallet Street Queen Official offers Binance signals for both beginners and experienced crypto traders. Whether you’re looking to trade as a scalper or you enjoy day trading, you can follow the Wallet Street Queen official on Telegram to get accurate Binance signals to improve your training experience. The company has back-tested all the signals before sending them out to the various telegram and social media channels but they maintain. They parade a team of dedicated and responsive customer support representatives. The customer support reps work 24/7 to always proffer solutions to clients’ complaints.


  • Permanent Trade Monitoring
  • High potential gems (at least 1 per month)
  • Risk Management and Strategy Guides
  • 24/7 support with our team
  • Pre-pump signals (buy before anyone else)
  • All VIP entries before anyone else
  • VIP exclusive promotions and offers


  • You need some crypto tools to make the signals functional.


Trading the cryptocurrency market using Binance signals can set you apart from other categories of traders or investors. Of the four Binance signal providers, the signals provided by ALC by ALT Center are more accurate, with features showing when and how to set your stop loss and take profit.