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Forex Trading Websites

  1. Baby Pips.
    Particularly good for Forex beginners with great educational content
  2. FX Street.
    Good real-time news and analysis with calendars detailing scheduled events
  3. DailyFX.
    Good real-time news and economic and central bank calendars detailing scheduled events
  4. Forex Factory.
    Good real-time news and forums for the experienced Forex Trader
  5. Tradingview.
    Customisable forex charts for research and alerting


Crypto Trading Websites

  1. Coingecko.
    Coin Prices and crypto news and analysis
  2. CoinDesk.
    Crypto news and analysis
  3. Cointelegraph.
    Crypto news and analysis
  4. Cryptoslate.
    Crypto news and analysis
  5. The Capital.
    Crypto news and analysis


Crypto Youtube Channels

  1. Ivan on tech – daily crypto news and analysis
  2. Altcoin daily -overview of the cryptocurrency market news
  3. Bitboycrypto – daily crypto news and analysis
  4. The crypto lark– overview of different crypto projects
  5. TheMoon – technical analysis and indicators


Crypto Exchanges for US Customers

  1. Kraken:
  2. KuCoin:
  3. Bitseven:
  4. Coinbase:


Crypto Exchanges for Worldwide Customers

  1. Bybit:
  2. Binance
  3. Bitmex
  4. Coinbase:
  5. Kraken: