Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading – Management of Risk

Cryptocurrency and Forex trading like life involves the management of risk.
Defining risk and being fully aware of it can be the hardest part and is the first step.
Choosing when the risk is worthy of the potential reward.
Considering all the options available.
Options that include those seen and unseen elements. Which includes the potential for a curveball to arrive at any moment.

Many traders are short-lived in their trading career for this very reason, risk not evaluated.

Dice and House on Weighing Scales“Dice and House on Weighing Scales” by Images_of_Money is licensed under CC BY 2.0Risk weighting it up

Big or small portfolios can disappear if the risk to reward ratio of trading is not considered.

As Warren Buffet said
“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing”

So there are…
Lessons to learn before trading

1)Attempting to recover losses will most likely lead to more losses.

John Maynard Keynes said
“The markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.”

2) An assumption that the market cannot continue its course can lead to losses for many trade accounts.

3) The trading approach used will impact your results, consider the two opposite trading approaches.

Negative Trading approach

No research, just gamble on a win
Use all your funds on a trade
Emotional Reactions
Stop-loss not set
Emphasis on Recovering Losses

Positive Trading approach

Consistent wins even if small
Plan your trade, use a set % amount of your balance for the trade
Stop-loss position is set
Take profit position is set

cryptocurrency trading and forex trading management of risk

The management of risk is key. This is considered an integral part of a positive trading approach.

positive trading

Management of risk is part of every trade we do in Best-Trading-Signals.

This begins with the following risk evaluation steps:

Identify when and where to enter the trade

Investigate the risk-reward ratio

Consider the amount of account risk as a percentage to use

Define the stop-loss position

Evaluation occurs at every step. This includes the associated risk. The final analysis considering the complete trade plan.
Factors considered are:

Trading fees
The potential win versus the risk of loss
Impact on the ability to trade
Market risk or Systematic risk
What amount should we use for the trade?

Utilizing our market knowledge and experience to determine if we progress to trade.
Signals are shared by using the telegram notification system.
These are frequently for differing markets. The signals used will all follow our system of identification, analysis, management, and monitor.

Signals are used for trading on forex or cryptocurrency markets.

Trading like life involves risks, that need to be managed to mitigate or minimize.

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