Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can I trust you guys?
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Yes it is a dangerous place online. But you can trust us! We put our trading reports on the results page so you can check each trade.

2. How much profit can I make?
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This depends on several factors. What will your starting balance be? Will you re-invest all of your profit, or will you take some out to enjoy it? How is the market moving now?

There are lots of different answers to this question.

3. What Trading platforms/exchanges do you support?
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Currently we offer signals for BINANCE and BITMEX. We will soon add Forex Signals also

4. Wha are the risks?
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It is always vital to have a stop loss in place.

Remember, you are responsible for your own trading decisions. We advice to only put few procent off your balance in a trade.

5. Will i be able to get the signals in my country?
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Off course, we send the signals throug Telegram. So you can get the signals on your smartphone also. We have members from 23 countries so far ????

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