The Two P’s of Forex what Prospects?

A little known secret is the future prospects of two P’s of the Forex Market. These are two precious metals that are in everyday use that very few people are aware of.

These prospects are around us every day of our lives in one form or another. They are present in fine jewellery, household, industrial, and medical equipment.
Cars are even known to have been stripped of their catalytic converters by thieves due to these precious metals!

The two precious metals that are actually more scarce than gold and silver are…

Platinum and Palladium.

Palladium is actually the most valuable of the four. So precious that Palladium’s price once doubled in over a year to become more expensive than Gold.

Why are these two metals full of potential but not as widely known as silver and gold?

Maybe it is because these metals are only mined in a few locations such as Russia, South Africa, the USA, and Canada.


Due to this limited supply of Platinum and Palladium, market prices can be more volatile. This volatility is due to the demand for a limited resource. As a result of this volatility, investment for casual investors is less popular.
But Forex investors may welcome the market opportunities this volatility presents. As these precious metals are available on a short term or long term basis on the forex market.

If trading precious metals on the forex market note that abbreviation codes represent each precious metal. The common abbreviation codes for Palladium and Platinum are XPD and XPT, whilst golds is XAU and silvers is XAG.

Please always remember all investments involve an element of risk, that needs management.
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